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Our shop has an antique dealer license issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission, and we are one of the regular members of the Sword Trade Association authorized by the Prime Minister of Japan. Therefore, you can rely on us.
We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping at our shop. We are committed to providing you with excellent Japanese swords at reasonable prices.

Sales Terms and Conditions

Money-Back Guarantee concerning Samurai Swords

Should the Japanese sword you have purchased from us turn out to be fake, we will give you your money back, provided that the total amount of refund does not exceed the purchase price and that we provide you with no extra services.

This money-back guarantee policy is not applicable to:

  • swords with expert evidence, which were later regarded as fake based on another expert’s opinion
  • swords with no expert evidence at the time of sales
  • sword accessories such as tsuba (sword guards)
  • swords with a mark of ‘for lai (art of drawing real swords)

Order and Shipment

  • A11 our swords are registered in the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. When exporting a sword to an overseas customer, we are required to apply to the Agency for the ‘Export Inspection Certificate’ and return the registration certificate to the Agency. Please understand that this procedure will take about One month to complete and that you are requested to pay 10,000 yen for us as the fee for the procedure.
  • Upon confirming your payment, we will go to the Agency in order to start the deregistration procedure. After that, you are not allowed to cancel your order.
  • We offer all sorts of articles at low reasonable prices and cannot give you any discount,
  • As soon as you make your payment, we apply to the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs for the permission for the exportation of your sword. Immediately after obtaining the permission, we will ship the item to your specified address by insured
  • The purchaser must bear the shipping and insurance costs. We will notify you of the amount of these costs, so please pay the costs together with the purchase price of your item.
  • We will select the courier service based on the size and weight of your item. We usually deliver articles by insured EMS or FedEx.
  • You are requested to buy insurance to be prepared for unforeseeable circumstances. The insurance premium is 1/1000 of the insurance coverage (purchase price), and the upper limit of coverage is 2,000,000 yen. The purchaser must pay the premium. Please understand that were any accident to happen the damage amount exceeding the upper limit would not be covered.
  • We will assume no responsibility for any problems of your item due to conflict with common practice or laws in your country. You are advised to be familiar with your local habits and laws relating to swords before placing an order from us.
  • Ordered items are usually delivered to customers’ addresses, but in some countries, you have to pick them up at the customs according to local policies.
  • We would like you to agree that regarding the purchase of a sword, you are not allowed to have return the item or request for refund due to special circumstances such as the return of the registration certificate.

Protection of Privacy

We will keep your personal information strictly confidential. We will never use it for other purposes than your purchase of our article.

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