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Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Terms and Conditions
Refund Guarantee for Japanese Swords
When the purchased Japanese sword should turn out to be a fake, you will be refunded, under the conditions that total amount of refund shall not exceed the purchase price and that we will provide no extra services.

Refund guarantee is not applicable to the followings:

  • a sword with an “expert certificate”, but later it is regarded as a fake by another expert’s opinion,
  • a sword with no “expert certificate” at the time of sales,
  • Items sold on a commission basis,
  • sword accessories such as tsuba, sword guards,
  • a sword with a mark of “for Iai”, a martial art of drawing real sword; and items sold at auctions..
Order and Shipment
  • Place a purchase order using the attached form on our website. We will reserve the item for you for 1 (1) week after receiving an order. Be sure to make a payment within a week, otherwise you will be deemed to have cancelled the order.
  • All our swords are registered with the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. When exporting a sword, we are required to apply to the Agency for “Export Inspection Certificate” and return its registration certificate to the Agency. These procedures take about 1 (one) month and the customer shall pay 20,000 yen to us as a fee for the procedures.
  • Any discount will not be given, since all the products are offered at a reasonable price.
  • Upon confirming your payment, we will start the deregistration procedures. After the start of deregistration procedures, please note that cancelation is not accepted.
  • Upon your payment, we will apply to the Cultural Affairs Agency of Japan, a governmental institute, to obtain a permission to export the sword purchased. Once we obtain the permission, the purchased item will be shipped to the address designated by the purchaser by insured EMS.
  • The shipping and insurance costs are informed to you so that you are requested to pay these costs together with the purchase price of the items.
  • By selecting an appropriate courier service depending on the size and weight of the item purchased, the article is usually delivered by insured EMS or FedEX.
  • Insurance premium shall be paid by you for unforeseeable circumstances. The insurance premium is 1/1000 of the insurance coverage, purchase price, with the upper limit of 2,000,000 yen. Any damages exceeding the upper limit shall not be covered.
  • We are not responsible for any problems of your purchased item arising from beyond our control and without our faults including, but not limited to, Acts of God, laws and regulations in your country. You are advised to obtain sufficient knowledge of your local customs and habits and laws before placing an order.
  • Purchased items are usually delivered to your address, however, in some countries, the purchaser have to pick them up at the customs according to local laws.
  • Concerning the purchase of a sword in Japan, we would like to obtain your understanding that we cannot offer any cooling-off period, return of the sword purchased or a request for refund, since we are not allowed to hold a returned sword with no registration certificate in Japan.
Confidentiality Your personal information is maintained secret and confidential and shall not be used for other purposes than your purchase.
One Piece for Each Item We have only one piece for each sword, accessory and art object. Consequently immediate order would be recommended.
Payment : Bank Transfer Payment can be made through bank transfer to the following bank account:
Be sure to put item number and your name in your order to prevent delivery delay.

Bank name : SumitomoMitsui Banking Corporation
Branch : Tokiwadai Branch (routing # 672)
Account holder : Ginza Seiyudo Co., Ltd.
Account Number: Saving Account # 1486108
Swift Code : SMBC JPJTBank address : 1-44-6, Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Refer to http://www.smbc.co.jp/global/

 Payment Methodss You can choose either of the following:

International Bank Transfer : Select a currency : JPY, USD or EUR
Foreign currency agio of 2% is added when payment is made other than JPY.

Paypal : Refer to http://www.paypal.com/
In case of Paypal, 8% of total amount is added as a fee.
Refer to Currency converter from Yahoo! Finance