Tachi [Musashi-ju-Kuniie] Mukansa

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Paper(Certificate): Mukansa,Tokyo Prefecture as a Preserver of Intangible Cultural Properties
Country・Era:Tokyo・Showa era 1988

Blade length(Cutting edge): 75.6cm
Curve(SORI): 2.7cm
Width at the hamachi(Moto-Haba): 3.50cm
Thickness at the Moto-Kasane: 0.89cm
Wide at the Kissaki(Saki-Haba): 2.80cm
Thickness at the Saki-Kasane: 0.60cm
Habaki:One parts, gold foil Habaki
Sword tang(Nakago):Unaltered,Sujikai file pattern

Rivet Holes(Mekugiana): 1

Shape(Taihai): Shinogizukuri,Iorimune, Chu-kissaki
Temper patterns(Hamon):Juka-choji
Temper patterns in the point(Bohshi): Midare then Ko-Maru round tip
Registration Card: Tokyo

【Additional Information】

Yoshihara Shoji (Kuniie) was born in 1945 and lives in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.
He is a younger brother of Yoshihara Yoshindo and is designated as Mukansa Tosho.
He learned from his grandfather (First generation Kuniie) with his brother, and his remarkable talent blossomed after exhibiting for the first time in a Modern Master Sword Contest in 1966. He has won “the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award” three times, “NBTHK Meiyo-Kaicho Award (Honorary Chairman Award)” twice in succession, “Kunzan Award”, “Kanzan Award”, and many other awards.
He is also made a Tachi for Ise Grand Shrine, one of the most famous Shrine in Japan.
He is one of Japan’s leading swordsmiths. This sword is 2 Shaku 4 Sun 9 Bu 5 Rin (75.6cm) long.
The blade shows a wide blade and normal thickness and deep Koshizori and emulated a magnificent sword of the Fukuoka Ichimonji school during the Kamakura period.
The Jigane is a fine Ko-Itame partly mixed with Mokume, bright, silvery, and powerful.
The Hamon is quite bright and clear and shows Juka-Choji from Fukuoka Ichimonji school.
Plenty of Choji-Ashi are seen.
The Boshi line enters Midare-Komi then Ko-Maru round tip.
This work is the masterpiece of one of the most excellent swordsmith Musashi-Koku-Ju Yoshihara Shoji (Kuniie), which recreated Tachi of Kamakura period Fukuoka Ichimonji and demonstrated his skills.

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